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Prescription adherence packaging 

  • Feeling overwhelmed by having to constantly remember to take multiple prescriptions multiple times a day or administer the same to a loved one?

  • Our pharmacy and team of pharmacists can make the process easier for you, by helping package your prescriptions in blister packs according to the calendar days and times required.

  • This will give you the confidence and peace of mind that you deserve, in knowing that you have taken the right medications at the right times each day, in order to achieve targeted therapeutic goals.

  • Call us and we will set up an appointment for your medication review to get you started.

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Prescription Delivery
Prescription Delivery Service

Montevallo Drug now offers prescription delivery services!​


If you would like to have your prescription delivered the same day, please send in your refill request (via phone, fax, or online) by 11:00a.m. and we will have it at your door that same afternoon.​


*For the safety of our driver as well as your medications, we ask that all deliveries be paid for by check or prior to delivery (our driver will not have cash/change on hand).


We are able to store a credit/debit card in our system so you don't have to worry about calling in your card number each time.


Compounded Medication


  • Sometimes, the commercially available formulations are not the right fit for you or your loved ones.

  • We can tailor-make prescriptions for you and your loved ones through compounding, by working with your doctor to find the best compounded medication solution, to ensure that you get the therapeutic relief that you deserve.

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